Insurance CompaniesInsurance Companies

Octo is the global brand leader in insurance telematics.
Octo has achieved this in partnership with motor insurers, developing
telematic solutions that improve claims cost efficiency for the insurer and value for the consumer. We deliver more accurately informed and flexible pricing models driven by visceral customer insight.
Unparalleled experience and expertise, coupled to a uniquely collaboratively and strategic approach is what distinguishes Octo as a

rentalCar Rental and Fleet

Crucial to effective fleet management, is the management of costs and a vehicle’s optimisation over its working life, so reducing the lifetime cost of ownership.
Octo can track a vehicle’s progress, predict a maintenance need, activate proactive rectification at a repair depot, enable a more cost effective 'pay as you drive’ insurance policy, track and recover stolen vehicles, predict pollution impact, be used as the basis for a good driver reward scheme and provide a usage ‘logbook’ to maximise resale value.

makersCar Makers

Driven by consumer demand for ever more convenience, safety, security, infotainment and traffic information features, as well as 'flexible as you drive’ insurance programmes, road pricing and by government legislation we are rapidly entering the age of 'the connected car’.


Octo has more experience of innovating, designing, building and managing integrated telematics systems than anyone else. Nobody has
more experience of collecting telematic data and processing in real time to extract valuable and actionable insight or perhaps trigger an automatic road toll payment.

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