Assistance in case of emergency

With the installation of an Octo Clearbox device in your vehicle you
can be connected to help and assistance 24/7.
Should you be involved in a serious accident, the Clearbox device instantly and automatically alerts our Security Control Room to direct the emergency services to your exact location.
Should you need assistance, such as for a breakdown or to report a
accident you have witnessed, the Octo Security Control Room will take responsibility for helping to deal with the situation.
Because of the improved response times, this system is proven to save lives and reduce injury severity.

Stolen vehicle recovery

An in-car Octo Clearbox device and connection to our Security Control Room is a potent deterrent and vehicle theft protection that results in reduced theft and, if stolen, quicker recovery with less damage.

We offer driver authentication with engine disable function, a remote tamper alert, and stolen vehicle tracking. all managed by our nearest Octo Security Control Room who arrange the correct emergency response.

Anti-fraud services

Having an Octo Clearbox device installed in your car is a little like
having a guardian angel by your side whenever you drive!
Because it records accurate and irrefutable information about your
journeys, it is also a powerful protector of your interests should you be a victim of fraud, disputed accident liability or other motoring

Customized Insurance Solutions

Our telematics technologies enables insurance companies to offer innovative motor policies that are shaped around your unique driving characteristics, so your premium is based on your driving, not somebody else’s!

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