Business Intelligence

Octo aligns with its partners to provide data analytics and actionable insight to improve Portfolio performance


Octo works with its partners to deliver a wide range of policies aimed at improving safety, security, protection and assistance for drivers

Global Network

Operating in more than 20 countries, Octo has the proven experience to establish scale schemes with leading brands


Our Insight Centre is the global collection point for all the real time data gathered from the millions of Octo's Clearbox devices installed in vehicles and locations worldwide. It holds full data on over 150 billion km’s of driving usage and behavioural data and insight and this is been added to at the rate of 100,000 km’s per minute.

Marketing Services

Octo's long experience includes the marketing of telematic based insurance products and a deep understanding of consumer’s reactions to different aspects and features, what is the most powerful and differentiating messaging and how to communicates these strengths.

Service Excellence

From design to delivery, Octo establishes Long Term partnerships for the whole Telematics project life cycle. Once the business need or application is designed, we offer a full Professional Services suite to ensure time definite planned implementation.

Research and Innovation

10 years of pioneering research and development.
Driven by a clear vision of the extraordinary benefits that telematics can deliver to business efficiency and customer’s convenience alike, Octo has always invested heavily in product concepts, future proof systems development and totally reliable implementation.

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