Car Rental and Fleet

Crucial to effective fleet management, is the management of costs and a vehicle’s optimisation over its working life, thus reducing the lifetime cost and financial efficiency of ownership.

Octo telematics systems can automatically provide real time information on a vehicle’s location, the way it’s being driven, including speeding events, accident data, its mechanical performance and overall usage information.

Based on this data, Octo telematics can track a vehicle’s progress, predict a maintenance need and activate proactive rectification at a repair depot, enable a more cost effective 'pay as you drive’ insurance policy, track and recover stolen vehicles, predict pollution impact, be used as the basis for a good driver reward scheme and provide a usage logbook to maximise resale value.

Other features improve driver satisfaction and this gives rental companies the opportunity to add customer service and value. These include automated accident alerts to emergency services, driver emergency assistance and breakdown service call out.  The offering of usage based insurance cover, driving style reports via the customer’s mobile and semi automated accident reporting and claims management reduce the hassle for the motorist and lowers costs for the rental company.

We design and implement telematic systems based on a collaborative strategic review to quantify the benefits of an integrated telematic programme over a fleet’s entire life cycle and how to integrate that seamlessly into existing process.

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    • Arval
    • Avis
    • Europcar
    • Fai
    • Hertz
    • Leaseplan