Car Makers

Driven by consumer demand for increased convenience, together with safety, security, infotainment and traffic information features we are rapidly entering the age of 'the connected car’.

As the undisputed global marker leader in motor insurance telematics Octo has more experience of innovating, designing, building and managing integrated telematics systems than anyone else. Nobody has more experience of collecting telematic data and processing it in real time to extract valuable and actionable insights.

Capabilities include theft prevention and stolen vehicle tracking, remote vehicle mechanics diagnostics and rectification proactivity, eco and good driving programmes, vehicle usage logs, navigation systems, automatic crash alerts, telematic crash analysis, driver assistance, infotainment and in car manufactures, after sales programmes and relationship programmes. These and new innovative telematics applications give motor manufacturers opportunities to add vehicle features that will make the product more competitive in the market, safer, more enjoyable and that will create a stronger bond between brand and customer.

We also own the world’s largest (and growing daily) location/driving behaviour and crash databases which are a unique source of insight that’s used by manufacturers and authorities worldwide to improve safety.

    • BMW - CZ
    • BMW Belgium - B
    • Daimler - FR
    • Škoda - CZ
    • Subaru - UK
    • BMW Italia
    • Fiat
    • General Motors
    • Honda
    • Mercedes
    • Opel
    • Toyota
    • Volkswagen