Company Profile

Octo Telematics is the global brand leader in the market of Insurance Telematics services.

Octo is the global brand leader in providing insurance telematics services as well as pioneering applications in motor rental and fleet management, car manufacturing, governmental sectors and a fast growing range of specialist applications.

Octo's undisputed leadership in insurance applications is built on the development of a unique and comprehensive end to end model, from product design and system development to implementation and management, that meets today’s, and anticipates the future needs, of insurers.  Our system integrity and reliability is crucial to rigorous insurance market standards.
We are proud to have assembled the most experienced and talented multidisciplinary team of telematics experts anywhere in the world, with a breadth of skills that include automotive services software development and the building of multi-service platforms and their seamless integration.

Using advanced technology and patented software, the Octo Insight Centre develops and manages a complete range of vehicle telematics solutions: from automatic crash alerts and ‘on call’ assistance and the analysis of car accidents liabilities, to personal insurance models, such as ‘pay-per-use’ and ‘pay-per-risk’, to vehicle telediagnostics, real time traffic information, road charging, fleet management and eco driving management.

We can promise our clients and customers that we are indeed 'The Reliable Way' in telematics, as we now deliver the benefits of our proven technology, patented software and the world’s biggest telematics database, to bring forward the next generation of applications to more and more markets.