Insurance Companies

Octo is the global brand leader in insurance telematics.

We have achieved this in partnership with motor insurers, developing telematic solutions that drive claims cost reduction and better value policies for consumers by offering more accurately informed, flexible and more analytically driven pricing models.

Unparalleled experience and expertise, coupled to a uniquely collaboratively and strategic approach is what distinguishes Octo as a partner. By working closely together to mutual objectives we can deliver innovative and tangible benefits for both partners and customers.

Our 10-year experience and curation of the world’s biggest telematic database gives us the power to use our patented algorithms to deliver market and real time driver insight to improve underwriting and decision making. 'Real time' driver behaviour data enables the development of innovative new policy categories such as 'pay as you use' or 'good driving rewards' that offer the customer more flexibility whilst enhancing the insurer’s profitability.

Octo’s telematic solutions also provide the platform to allow insurers to redefine their customer relationships from commoditised delivery of insurance products to peace of mind service providers. Many more attractive features and functions can be added to polices such as:

  • automatic crash alerts to the emergency services, breakdown and assistance services, theft prevention and recovery and insight on personal driving behaviour to improve safety or eco performance. These functions reduce road deaths and injury and help people and society to be safer and more secure.

All our telematics solutions offer total reliability and security of service, hardware and software.


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