To grow mutual Client and Customer benefit from telematic innovations.

We are unique, as Octo is the only insurance telematics service provider in the world that goes beyond just supplying a specific service or technology. We offer totally integrated and seamless telematics solutions for insurance companies, car rental and fleet management, motor manufacturers and governmental authorities, where the customer is always our first priority.

Unlike our competitors we create telematics only as a fully integrated solution, and not as a series of components the client has to link together themselves. Only by assuming total responsibility for every system aspect can we control and guarantee end to end reliability. This philosophy is what separates Octo from its competitors.

Ours is a success story of collaboration between our multi discipline experts and our client’s expertise. This approach has earned us the global leadership of telematics in the motor insurance sector. Octo is as much as about people skills and attitude as it is about groundbreaking technology.

Experience, reliability, commitment and collaboration are the core values that trademark Octo's work:

  • Experience: cutting-edge technology as a service, Sustainability as a prerequisite, Leadership as a way to grow;
  • Reliability: safety for people, benefits for insurance companies, advantages for partners, value to investors, protection of the environment;
  • Commitment: Frienship and empathy for growth and success. Opening knowledge to the public at large and treasuring its contribution to a new market culture;
  • Collaboration: that 'collaboration magic'. Taking part means helping to write the story of what you belong to, what you believe in. Octo's comes from the free circulation of ideas and a vibrant boundless energy.